Church Committees

Assist in bringing visitors in to St. Paul's, connect them to people, and integrate them into the life of our church. Willingness to develop and execute various activities and events that will incorporate all members and help them identify their gifts, talents, and direct them to discovery of fullfilling their God-filled areas of service.

A visionary ministry that develops three, five, and six year maps, alerting the leadership to coming trends and obstacles. Members are elected to serve in the ministry.
Susan Hayward

Evangelism Mission Team
Jesus commands us to "Go and make disciples of all nations..." This is part of the great commission given to all Christians. The Evangelism Team explores ways to utilize opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ in our communities and beyond! The team contacts recent visitors to St. Paul's and others in our community and shares the Gospel message in a meaningful and non-threatening way.                
Pastor John Warther

Executive Council
Manages the conduct of church business, both administrative and financial. Positions are called and defined in the congregational constitution for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President of Facilities. Members are elected to serve in this ministry by the congregation.
George Walls
410 451-2535

Outreach and Mission
Task force that will organize and carry out Outreach activities in the Glen Burnie community and promote support for Missions work at the District, Synod and International levels.

Pastor John Warther,  or  Jacob Bidwell,  Youth and Outreach Coordinator

Pastoral Care
Provides feedback and support to the Pastors. Members are elected to serve in this ministry by the congregation.

Jason Lui
410-766-2283 (Church Office